(1/23/43 - 12/3/10)

Sally Wetherbee
Sally was a gracious lady who loved animals.  She was raised in a home with big, hunting dogs and so didn’t get cats until she moved out on her own.  After that, she was never without a cat.  In fact, her last cat, a white Persian, was curled up next to her as Sally died.  I took that cat home with me but my dog gave that cat fits so I was looking for a home for her.  

I mentioned in my spin class at the YMCA and my instructor, Al Seely, offered to take her. He said that Sally had always been so kind to him as a child when he was at his parents business, Seely Printing.  She would come from Mayfair Jewelers, where she worked, to get things and Al was a young kid there.  Because he had such fond memories about Sally’s treatment of him, he adopted the cat.  He also had dogs who didn’t like cats so he made the cat his office cat. He reports they had two wonderful years together and it was one of his saddest days when he had to put the cat down because of kidney failure.  

Sally never had kids and because she loved animals so much, she left the bulk of her estate to the Humane Society to build a no kill shelter. I know she would be so proud of the new shelter.  

Leigh Wetherbee Brooks