Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is this adoption center called a “no-kill” shelter?
    Once an animal is placed in the SWAC facility, they will not be considered for euthanasia to make room in the shelter.  They will have a home in our facility until they are adopted or we can place them with another rescue group that can provide a better chance for adoption.
  2. How long do you keep the animals?
    Until they have a fur-ever home.
  3. Where do the animals come from?
    The Albany Humane Society. 
  4. When I adopt, when will I be able to take my pet home?
    You can take your new pet home as soon as the paperwork is completed.   All animals in our facility are fully vetted and ready to go home with their new family.
  5. What does it cost to adopt and what services are included?
    Adoption cost only $120.00.  This fee is based on the cost to Spay or Neuter, all required shots and a Micro Chip. 
  6. Do you take in stray animals at the adoption center?
    We do not accept any animal drop-offs at this facility.  They will need to be taken to the Albany Humane Society on Oakridge Drive.
  7. When I make a donation, how will the money be used?
    All donations to SWAC are only used to care for the animals in the SWAC facility.  This facility is governed by the AHS Board, but all funding is kept totally separate.
  8. Do you accept donations of blankets, towels, food, etc?
    Yes, we greatly appreciate any donations of blankets, towels, unopened food, toys, ets.  Please see our wish list for ideas.
  9. Are donations to SWAC tax deductible?
    Yes, SWAC is a part of the Albany Humane Society and is a 501-C3 charitable organization.
  10. Are you funded by the state, city or other governmental facility?
    No, SWAC is totally funded by your donations and grants.
  11. Who do I call to have a stray animal picked up or cruelty complaint?
    You will need to call your local animal control office.  We are not permitted to pick up animals.    You can call the City of Albany/ Dougherty County at 229-431-2100.
  12. Can I volunteer?
    Yes, we need your help.  The SWAC facility need volunteers every day to work and care for our animals.  Please see the “How to Help” page of our website.
  13. What is fostering?
    Becoming a foster parent to an animal is of great need to our facility.  Foster Parents help care for our animal(s) that had been injured and needs dedicate care to regain good health.  They may also care for a litter of puppies/kittens to an age that we can place them in adoption.  Please see the “How to Help” page for more information on becoming a Foster.
  14. How are you affiliated with the Albany Humane Society?
    SWAC – Sally Wetherbee Adoption Center is a division of AHS – Albany Humane Society.   The AHS Board has been working to open a no-kill adoption center for many years.  Thanks to the generous donation of Sally Wetherbee, we are able to obtain our dream.  This facility will expand the number of animals that we can house for adopt by having two adoption centers.